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Basic Course


When working with tumbling it is extremely important to be correct and secure, so the gymnasts feel confident with the instructor. That is the most important issue in the development of a tumbler. The necessary, sufficient and appropriate spotting varies depending on which level the skill is, but the objective is to:

  • Avoid injuries and accidents.
  • Make sure that the gymnast is confident.
  • Try to get the tumbling drill to succeed.

The more you get to spot gymnasts the more experienced will you get. It is not enough to know how to do it. You also have to conquer the fear of spotting and try it.

Rules for spotting:

  • Stay close to the gymnast. You have more control when you have the subject close to you in stead of away from you.
  • Always be alert, concentrated and attentive on the gymnast.
  • Always use the right technique of how to lift and carry.
  • Be mobile – stay as close as possible to the gymnast until he/she has finished the drill.

Spotting drills.

Together three and three.

  • Two spotters push a gymnast between them forwards and backwards by respectively spotting on the stomach and on the back.
  • A gymnast comes running towards the two spotters. The two spotters have to stop the running gymnast by spotting on the stomach/breast. That is a great drill to practice, in order to get confident with spotting and to be aware of the gymnast’s weight and power.
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